Present 2023

Designing, refining, and building monetized digital assets on scale, with zeal.

Tools, apps, Tech

Content Management Systems

  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • Shopify

Content Management System Strategy, Design and Development

  • Branded domain research and aquisition
  • Elementor, Elegant Themes Divi, custom theme design
  • Shopify integration into WordPress
  • Wix to WordPress migration
  • WordPress to Wix migration
  • WordPress theme migration 
  • Event Calendar website system design, development, automations, management
  • WooCommerce and e-commerce system design, development, automations, and management 
  • Dropship store design, set-up, research, automations, and management
  • Print-on-demand 
  • Search engine optimization of new and exisiting website copy 
  • Affiliate marketing link integration and affiliate link tracking
  • Website monetization utilizing Google AdSense and Ezoic
  • Local business websites designed for search intent rank and brand authority

Digital Product Design and Development Experiences

  • Interactive educational experiences on web and mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Niche communities on social, web, and mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Video app content production, development, and deployment on social video platforms and native mobile apps
  • Mobile app design and development (iOS and Android)
ConTent Writing

Content Research and SEM

  • Tools: SEMRush, Google Trends, Pinterest Trends, social listening with a range of tools
  • SEO Content Production: Keyword research, SEO optimization, trend research, blog content production, 
  • Content Monetization: Google AdSense, Ezoic Publishers, affiliate marketing, brand partnerships/sponsorships 

Content Writing

Pillar Content/Long-Format Blog Posts, Short-Format Blog
Posts, Social Media Copy, E-Mail Newsletter Campaigns, Video Scripts, SEO Copy, Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Creative Biographies, Educational Materials, Event Marketing/Promotions, Tourism and Travel Writing 

Teaching + Learning

Learning Management Systems

  • LMS Platforms: WordPress, Wix, Mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Educational Media Production: How-To Videos, Demo Videos, Workshop Videos
  • Educational Content: Development of educational resources, tools, presentations, and training of materials for online and offline distribution

Educational Content: B2C, B2B

  • Educational Media Production: How-To Videos, Demo Videos, Workshop Videos
  • Development of educational resources, tools, presentations, and training of materials for online and offline distribution
  • Learn more about past event programming // Link opens new window 🔗 /leadership 
Content Creation

Media Design and Creative Direction

Extensive experience in designing, developing, and driving collateral production including Graphic Design, Logo Design, Video Production, and Digital Products for brands, businesses, and organizations

  • Tools: Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, Vimeo
  • Niches: Government, Non-Profit, Community Organizations, Culinary, Food/Wine, Events, B2B

Content Publishing/Management

Extensive experience in management, coordination, and measurement of ongoing marketing campaigns that have encompassed Social Media Marketing, Blog Content Production, Print Advertisements, Brochures/Postcards/Flyers, Print, and Digital Presentation

  • Content Management Tools: Buffer, Hubspot, HootSuite, Sprout Social, Social Pilot, native content scheduling tools 
  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Quora
AI Content

AI Content Production

  • Tools: ChatGPT, PoeAI, Jasper AI, Bing
  • AI Content: AI content writing, AI art remix with original designs, AI music, AI voice cloning, AI avatar design, AI brand voice training
  • AI Content Production: AI prompt development for content workflows, AI content tech stack and automation systems, AI tool/app consulting and training
Fun Work

Established 2010

Creative professional resource website with mindset, strategy, and digital infrastructure content. Currently monetized with Google AdSense/Ezoic and affiliate links.

Established 2021

Creative professional community with an interactive approach to engaging and immediate educational content on web and mobile. Currently in progress.

Established 2022

Content-forward niche website that is being designed with the active cat owner in mind. Currently in progress with supporting social media content, short-form video, and product recommendations to roll out. Will be monetized with Google AdSense/Ezoic and affiliate links with opportunity for brand partnerships with website ad spots, social media takeovers, and video content.

Established 2022

Recipes and small business talk and tacos, oh my! This is shaping up to be a fun project to monetize and support current client work in the culinary space while providing a platform for multigenerational discussions on branding and marketing topics.

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