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Business Development

Creative Enabler specializes in indie business consulting for creatives, brick & mortar stores, career and emerging artists, community organizations, female professionals and millennial entrepreneurs. We will work with you to identify your business goals, create a plan of action and further your professional growth with the right tools, infrastructure and guidance.


Brands have a tendency to change and develop over time, like a forgotten bottle of Bordeaux in the back of the cabinet. It’s not necessarily a bad transition, but it can freeze an otherwise competent and creative individual dead in their tracks. Creative Enabler can breathe new life into your existing brand and bring back that loving feeling.

Content Strategy

Build your brand and your bank account with content that converts your social media audience into paying clients and customers. We specialize in: Custom content calendars, targeted Facebook ads, Instagram campaigns and killer copy that will invoke sales and provoke action. Creative Enabler also offers digital guides so you can learn these skills at your own pace.


Creative Enabler can help you create a new website from scratch or refresh your existing site. We will come up with a web solution that fits your budget and achieves your goals in a reasonable time frame. In addition to in-house design services, Creative Enabler can also oversee your web project with a team of trusted designers to turn your vision into reality.

PR + Promotion

Creative Enabler will infuse your upcoming launch, release, exhibition or business opening with promotional fire power. From press release production and distribution to making the press connections that you need to succeed, Creative Enabler will get you the attention that you deserve around your latest project.

Finding Funding

Got a big idea and not sure where to go from here? Creative Enabler has a demonstrated track record of shaking the money tree and making it rain for clients, non-profits, and community organizations. We can help you identify your financial goals and create a plan to secure sponsorships, find grant opportunities, and community collaborations to bring your vision into reality. Creative Enabler loves working with social entrepreneurs, visionaries, and community-minded businesses.


01 Project Basis

Creative Enabler is currently accepting work on a project basis for the following: Website design, event promotion, digital communication marketing strategy and business development consulting for artists, start-ups, and small businesses. Project rates start at $499.

02 Digital Pow-Wows

Learn at your own pace and on your own terms with Creative Enabler's series of online workshops and downloadable guides, packed with actionable plans that are one part creative inspiration, one part business development, and 100% BS free. Learn how to leverage your available time, resources and creative instincts to weave a story around your brand and convert fans into brand enthusiasts.

03 Speaking Engagements

Luca Cusolito of Creative Enabler is currently booking speaking engagements, panel discussions and educational workshops on the following topics: Creative living, authentic marketing, personal branding, solopreneurship, DIY business techniques, artist marketing, and building brands by building community.

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Thanks for contacting us, we'll be in touch soon!

Thanks for contacting us, we'll be in touch soon!

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