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How Slow Is Too Slow For Facebook Page Growth?

Sep 3, 2016 / In Social Media / Tags: , , / Leave a comment

A: It depends on what your goals and strategy are. If you haven’t created goals or a plan of action on what you want your Facebook fan page to achieve, then it’s hard to say if it’s a slow pace.

If your goal is to achieve a certain number of fans weekly or monthly and you feel you’re missing the mark, you can see more growth by identifying your goals and creating a strategy around it.

If your goal is to get more engagement/reach, you can:

  • Create a Facebook contest that requires audience to share your Facebook fanpage post or tag you in a picture that they upload (“Show us your pup in our ‘Dog Days of Summer’ contest for a chance to win ____”).
  • Ask your followers questions.
  • Interview area pet shops/pet owners/vet offices and tag them to the hilt. This will engage their audience in addition to yours, and will likely be shared.

If you are trying to convert Facebook fan page likes into website visits, you can:

  • Create fresh content such as blog posts on your website and then share the link to your post on your Facebook page. This creates value for your Facebook fans, and by hashtagging the post with pet-specific terms, you can engage a network outside of your likes who are searching for that topic on Facebook.
  • Join pet-friendly Facebook groups and share your blog content to engage Facebook users that are already into the topics you’re talking about and encourage them to visit your site.

TL;DR: Create goals for your Facebook fan page and develop a strategy plan. Otherwise, you’re just howling into the wind (every pun intended).

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