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A Call To (Open) Arms

Nov 10, 2016 / In Creativity, Jersey City, Throw Fire, Vida Luca / Tags: , , , , / 1 Comment

I’m not entirely sure how to start this missive without regurgitating the various pithy (and obviously pointed) Tweets that I’ve been spinning around my head this morning:
“I didn’t identify as a feminist before, but I sure as f!ck do now.”
“If it weren’t for the copious amount of jalapenos that I consumed last night, I wouldn’t feel anything today.”
“We need #mourningafter pills.”

Poor humor, it would seem, is the form my grief has taken.

 Luca Cusolito
Tuesday I awoke with renewed enthusiasm.  It was truly a beautiful privilege to see a women on the presidential ballot and to have the opportunity to vote.  The world felt ripe with possibility.  
Yesterday was spent listlessly lumbering through my day, stealing glances at live-streaming news and texting messages of love and solidarity to my disappointed friends.  
Last night, I waited anxiously to hear that my friends marching in the New York City and Philadelphia protests had made their way home safely without incident.  
I spent some time percolating this morning and have calmed myself with a small shift in perspective that holds true to the advice that I often give creative professionals that I work with:

“Knowing what you don’t want will offer clarity on what it is you do want, and truly value.”

What is happening right now in our country is big, but I believe very firmly that we can take actionable steps to create larger change in the world we want for ourselves and for our children, regardless of our political beliefs, gender, race or class.
And here’s what I plan to consciously work on every damn day from here on out:

Practice Compassion

Compassion is that thing where you put your own ego and reactions aside and be aware of how others are feeling and interpreting what is going on. Easier said than done, but necessary to extend the love and care to your fellow human creatures that we all deserve right now.  Compassion for me also translates into not getting huffy when people walk too slow on the sidewalk. Also file under #biggerfishtofry.

Celebrate My Fellow Ladyfolk

Now more than ever, women need the support of their fellow Vagilante. If we can all commit to saying more good things about one another instead of minimizing or trashing our fellow ladyfolk, we will be stronger as individuals and as a movement. Being territorial and petty is so 2015.  Give love to your ladies, not gossip.

Do My Good Things Bigger and Louder

I know you, too, are doing good things.  Whether it’s art, music, performance, teaching, mom’ing, friend’ing, making, creating, you have some amazing skills and talents that you are blessing the world with on the regular.  In these uncertain and anxiety-inducing post-election days, I challenge you to channel your energy into taking your good things to the next level and to shout it from the proverbial mountains.  Now is not the time to be concerned about “bragging” about all the good that you are putting into the world.  Advocating for yourself inspires other women to advocate for themselves and each other.    

Get (More) Involved In My Community

Feeling restless?  Baby, you and me both.  Restless energy left unharnessed almost always makes me marinate in a pool of anxiety.  My recommendation?  Find initiatives, organizations and non-profits within your community that are aligned with your purpose and mission.  Lend your insight and energy.  Give fiercely and connect with your tribe.
 UPDATE: I am teaching a free social media for social good workshop to help my community get their message up and out!  Sign up so I know where to send your tutorial: 

Support Female-Owned and Operated Small Businesses

I was recently invited to a Facebook event entitled “Grab ’em By The Wallet“.  The concept is to spend nothing on the presidential inauguration day to demonstrate women’s spending power and solidarity.  I thought about it, and I believe that for myself and my mission, I would rather support female-owned and operated small businesses within my community and beyond. Instead of not buying a coffee, I’ll grab my morning latte from a female-owned cafe.  Instead of forgoing groceries, I’ll order food from a lady-owned restaurant.  I would rather my money go back into my community and female entrepreneurs.  
My first Facebook post of the morning reads: 

I don’t think I want to leave the country.

I think I want to stay in #JerseyCity, do my good things better, live louder, and create more awareness and sensitivity around the issues that made me furious this election season.

Lisbon, I love you, but give me Newark Avenue.

The country is changing around me, but it has only made me more firm in my resolve and strengthened in my mission and purpose on this earth:  To empower, support and encourage creativity, fortify my community, and support small business.  


And now more than ever, I will work harder to advocate and promote female, minority and LGBTQ creative professionals.

Luca, out.

UPDATE: I am teaching a free social media for social good workshop to help my community get their message up and out!  Sign up so I know where to send your tutorial: 


  • Brianna November 10, 2016 at 1:41pm Reply

    You have the best words, Luca. Thanks for this post!

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